Age of the Dinosaur Exhibition-Animatronic Arrives

After a 3 week journey across the sea from China Zigong, 2 Animatronic Dinosaur have arrived at the Prehistoric Museum for the Age of the Dinosaur Exhibition opening on 22 June. Over 12m long Animatronic Dinosaurs including the popular Tyrannosaurus Rex is main character as dinosaur exhibition.

Animatronic Dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus Rex and Allosaurus are being prepared for the exhibition that will take tourists back more than 65 million years to a swamp-like Jurassic lagoon and Cretaceous desert. The Lifelike Dinosaur Model move and make dinosaur noises. They arrived in June from the Animatronic Dinosaur company "Dinosaur Maker" based in Zigong

Animatronic Dinosaur Allosaurus

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